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About Quantum Caravans

About Quantum Caravans


Family owned and operated, G&S Chassis’ two manufacturing centres in Campbellfield, Victoria design, engineer, build and finish steel and aluminium trailer bases for a diverse range of applications including mobile homes, portable structures, base telecommunication shelters and of course, caravans. Using a combination of modern technology and traditional hand-built craftsmanship, the company’s name has become synonymous with quality and consistency – trusted by the industry and by customers who own caravans and mobile homes built upon a safe and sturdy G&S Chassis. And with an aggregate trailer mass up to 4495 kg, it’s that peace-of-mind that has been bringing clients back to G&S Chassis for almost 40 years.


Built to last

Here at Quantum, we are here to build your LAST caravan. We build them in the traditional style that has been tried and tested for decades, ensuring your caravan will last a lifetime. We take the extra step to make our product better. Here are just some of the reasons why our product is so good.

  • China bowl porcelain Thetford toilets (not plastic!)
  • MaxxFan standard in all vans
  • No craftwood
  • Lightweight ply partitions
  • Rolled benchtops
  • Large shower with fully sealed fibreglass roof
  • Aussie Traveller windows and blinds
  • Belaire Houghton 3400 low profile air conditioners
  • Lightweight doors
  • Heavy duty cladding
  • Interlocked seams on roof (not just layed over and siliconed)
  • 2 inch roof flat roof system
  • Cupboards stapled AND SCREWED in through walls and exterior frame work
  • GNS Chassis
  • All electrical done by a Qualified electrician
  • All LED lighting internal and external
  • Solar provisions on caravans with no panels (so solar can be fitted easily)
  • Electro charging and battery system
  • Australian made parts used wherever possible
  • True Custom design for every client

How we install our cabinets and other frame works

We add stitching screws every 150 mm to ensure the caravan has full support on all angles. We have pulled apart a lot of caravans and 99% of them only staple the cabinets in through the ply.


New caravans by Quantum deliver supreme quality caravans without breaking the bank. Our passionate team of builders strive to create the best product to your specifications, taking full pride in our caravans with everyone playing their role to deliver perfection. We take no short cuts, we use that extra glue, we use that extra screw, we install that better quality part. We deliver strength, we deliver certainty that your caravan has what is takes to get the job done.

Fully Insulated

We also fully insulate our caravans with 18 mm polystyrene only leaving space for wiring. They are fully insulated walls and roof, top to bottom. A lot of caravans claim to be fully insulated yet when we pull the cladding off you find they only have the insulation half way up the wall and have a lot of gaps.

Insulation typical of most caravans

Quantum Caravan side wall being cladded 

We see building caravans as an art, the more time you take, the better product will be. We do not slap together our caravans through a production line of inexperienced minds. We take pride in our work, building one caravan at a time, with the whole process taking usually around 2 working weeks. Ensuring our high standards are met and not compromised by restrictions that would see fluctuations in quality.

You take control

Here at Quantum Caravans you are free to express your creativity. We specialize in custom layout and design. From basic caravans for that relaxing weekend away, to family caravans with bunks for the kids, to full off road beasts with all the gadgets to keep you going for months on end. Quantum Caravans are truly aligned to the needs of our customers who are involved in the design process, and are invited to view the caravan during its construction stages. We are always happy to talk to customers about their specific caravan needs to create a product that meets their expectations.


Quantum Caravans will warrant, for a period of 12 months, any part or component of the caravan that is manufactured by Quantum. All other parts, components or accessories fitted by Quantum to the caravan come under the warranty of said part, component or accessory. These parts, components and accessories can include but are not limited to: tyres, air conditioners, fridges, stoves, microwaves, range hood, toilet, hot water systems, awnings, chassis and suspensions, electric brakes and all electrical appliances.

After sales service

After you drive away with your brand new Quantum Caravan the service doesn't stop there. Our friendly experienced staff are just a phone call away if you need any advice, repairs or other services.