Echuca Moama Caravans

122-126 Ogilvie Ave. Echuca
Phone (03) 5482 6046


Tebbs Annexes

Camping quality walls to suit… ROLL OUT AWNINGS… FIAMMA F45 BOX AWNINGS (face fitted to side of van)… PROSTOR BOX AWNINGS (face fitted to side of van)


STD – Includes front corner door, large window centered in long (side) wall and small window (offset) in rear wall.

DW – Allows for additional corner door in rear wall and additional small window in front wall.

DWR – DW features plus 2 curved rafters.

DLX – DW features plus additional large window and zip to split long (side) wall.

DLXR – DLX features plus 2 curved rafters.

DWR & DLXR are not designated to suit Fiamma or Prostor awning walls.


    • Anti-flap end rails
    • 11oz striped polyester canvas or plain grey with contrasting window flaps/features
    • Zip-on top end wedges
    • Windbreak (velcroed to end walls)
    • Air vents in top wedges and windbreak

All windows are 1.22m (4’) deep.

**Horizontal striped walling available (standard with full depth windows)

Air vents in top end wedges and windbreak accommodate the latest requirements from the Gas Installations standards AS/NZS5601.1 and AS/NZS5601.2 from Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

  • Extra – large window with zip to split long (side) wall
  • Extra – small window
  • Extra – corner door
  • Centre door in lieu of corner door
  • Poly fabric floor (eyelet in each corner)
  • Non slip flooring (bagged) (2.5m wide)
  • Detachable verandah (plain beige or grey)
  • ‘Velcroed in’ clear vinyl window protectors
  • Plain divisional wall (on rail)
  • Detachable mesh door (zipped sides)
  • Divisional wall on rail (plain beige or grey)
  • Heavy duty door strips
  • Bladder tube wall weights
  • Awning roof and wall support poles and rails
  • Rear cubby/hutch
  • Available to suit 12v Dometic and Carefree roll out awnings
  • Flared long [side] wall insert (increases width up to 0.3m (12”) at floor level)

…And many more